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The Linn County Fire Defense Board

Fire Defense Boards are organizations that function as part of the state fire service. A Fire Defense Board is comprised of the local Fire Chiefs within a district, or in this case, county. Each Defense Board will elect a Fire Defense Board Chief to serve as the liaison to the State Fire Marshal.

The mission of the Fire Defense Board is to develop an area fire service plan that has provisions permitting departments to respond with mutual aid forces upon request of another department in the district. Within that plan, countywide procedures are also developed to ensure the most effective mutual aid when critical incidents require more than one department to respond.

Defense Boards may also request conflagration help from the State of Oregon when a fire incident exceeds the capabilities of the agencies within the district.

Linn County Fire Defense Board includes Albany Fire Department, Brownsville Rural Fire Protection District, Halsey-Shedd Rural Fire Protection District, Harrisburg Rural Fire Protection District, Jefferson Rural Fire Protection District, Lebanon Rural Fire Protection District, Scio Rural Fire Protection District, Sweet Home Fire & Ambulance District, and Tangent Rural Fire District.

For more information on Fire Defense Boards, visit the website of the Office of the State Fire Marshal and download the Fire Service Mobilization Plan.

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